Arbitration is an effective form of ADR, to resolve dispute without recourse to courts. As part of this process, neutral third party person (s), referred to as Arbitrator(s), are appointed as arbitrators to a dispute. The arbitrators hear the pleadings and review evidences from both parties prior to rendering an 'Arbitration Award". An arbitration award is the final decision/order passed by an arbitrator which is legally binding on both the parties and enforceable in the courts.                                                                                                                                

  1. Arbitration is a preferred choice of resolving disputes outside court due to the following reasons : 
  2. The parties and the arbitrator work at their times and schedules instead of being driven by court schedules which makes it possible to close the disputes at the earliest.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality of the dispute and the arbitration proceedings are maintained
  4. Significantly lower costs of resolving a dispute compared to going to courts
  5. Flexibility within the framework of the rules and law

The CADRE in addition to the above also provides a robust online platform to conduct the arbitration proceedings so all the concerned parties can participate in the proceedings from anywhere. Additionally the real time online tracking of the proceedings ensures transparency and record keeping.