Arif Mohammed Madani is a retired district judge, focussing now on arbitrations. He was a civil court judge was 16 years and a district court judge for 9 years. During his service he was honoured with "Vedpal Tyagi" state level award for best judgement writing. He has been known for quick and high quality disposal of civil cases relating to contractual disputes, civil disputes and financial matters. 

Post retirement he has been working as independent arbitrator for the last 10 years. He has arbitrated more than 10K cases related to construction, penalty imposition and cost and risk. Some of the parties he has represented include Railway department, Adani capital, Adarsh co-operative bank, Shriram finance group, Finova, Reliance Capital, Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra, Kogta finance, Kamal auto finance, Surya salt and more. 

Arif is a, LLB with a diploma in criminology. 

Arif is a Cadre Certified Arbitrator having completed the training and exam successfully.